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About Privacy

We value your privacy. We won’t give your information to anyone without your permission.  Your information is safe with us. Our salesman may send you news about our items, and call you to confirm with some order details when necessary. If it bothers you in any way, we will stop immediately after your notice.
Thanks for placing order on our website www.sex-banana.com. Your satisfaction will be our greatest source of motivation. You are welcome to leave any comments on our site as well. Our success requires your participation.

Copyright Photos

The photos shown on our site can be copied, but please be aware that those photos of brand models are not our copyright photos. If you need those photos for business purpose, please contact us for other photos, or you might meet serious copyright issue.

Refund Policy

1. If you don’t want the items after you received them, you can send them back to us within 24 hours and keep it as original. We will refund the payment of the item cost. (Shipping cost is not included).
2. If the item is defective, you can send it back to us for refund as well.
Thanks for your precious time. If you have any suggestions or comments to us, welcome to contact us: contact@banana-cherry.com.

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